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Roof Cleaning

Roof Cleaning Brisbane and Gold Coast

High Pressure Cleaning of Roofs in Brisbane, Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast

We can improve the appearance and life of your roof, add value to your home and improve your curb appeal, in one simple process.

Your house is your biggest asset; your roof is what’s between you and the harsh Australian climate. If you don’t take care of your roof, it can lead to an expensive restoration job or repair bill. House Washing Australia can save you not only money but the stress of dealing with a damaged roof.

Regular upkeep on your roof will not only prolong the life of the paint, but may reveal any issues which may be presenting themselves.​

The benefits of a Roof Clean​

  • Extend the life of your paint
  • Protect your biggest asset
  • More cost effective than a roof restoration
  • Remove unsightly build up caused by grime and pollution
  • Prevent damaging mould and algae build up
  • A pre-sale roof clean will help sell your property faster
  • Add value to your home
  • A pre-painting roof clean will remove the impurities on your roof and increase the longevity of your new coat of paint
  • Make your roof look the best in the street

The roof area is the most prominent and important part of your house. Get your roof looking like new again and increase your property value by improving the appearance of your home.

Our services are affordable, our trained staff are experienced, friendly and attention to detail is our speciality. With House Washing Australia, you can be sure that we care about our work as much as you do about your home.

Roof Mould, Mildew and Lichen Can Damage Paint

In its early stages, roof mould is completely invisible to the naked eye. It’s not until the more advanced stages that it actually turns black and becomes visible. So if you can see mould on even one section of your roof that means that it’s probably already taking hold on your entire roof.

Mould and mildew starts to grow on your roof because of dirt build up and the humidity, it can look like dark streaks running down your roof.

The patches on your roof where lichen is growing can hold onto moisture longer, this can reduce the life of your paint. Lichen can be light green or white in colour, it grows in flower like clusters over your roof.

What mould, mildew and lichen have in common is that they look ugly and they damage your paint. We can pressure clean your roof, remove the unsightly growths and have your home looking beautiful in just a few hours

Chemical Roof Cleaning

This process involves applying a cleaning agent to the roof, giving it time to react with the build up of mould and lichen on the roof. Once this is done the agent is washed off with water, leaving a clean finish. *Conditions apply.​

The Roof Cleaning Process

  • We follow health and safety regulations regarding height safety. Harness or edge protection is required for heights above 2.1meter (to gutter line). Our technicians are trained in this area.
  • We follow EPA and Council requirements regarding waste water. If required, we capture and pump waste water away from stormwater entry.​
  • Our roof cleaning process is a similar process to pressure cleaning external hard surfaces. We have adapted our rotary washers to be used on roofs in the same manner you would use them on the ground. Our machines are water efficient.

Please note: A roof clean does not include the pergola roof; please inform us if you want this done.

Gutter cleaning is an additional service not included in the roof clean; if your gutters have debris and you want them cleaned out, please inform us when booking.

We also offer an anti-mould spray for a small additional fee that can be applied once the roof has been cleaned. This keeps the mould and mildew at bay for longer and protects your roof.

Don’t spend thousands of dollars on restoring your roof when all it may need is a speciality clean from House Washing Australia.

Upon booking with us, we will send you our “Roof Cleaning Preparation” information, which explains everything you need to know to protect your property before our arrival.

We can send you an annual “it’s time for your external cleaning” reminder, so you don’t need to worry. It’s as easy as “yes please” or “opt out”

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Frequently Asked Roof Cleaning Questions

Why Rotary Pressure Cleaning over Wand Cleaning?

Why would I have my Roof Pressure Cleaned before painting?

Do you use the Rotary method on all types of Roofs?

Why are Terracotta Roofs different?

Roof Cleaning Pricing Guide

There are many items that vary the cost of roof cleaning including the pitch of your roof, the size of the roof, the danger level of the clean, harness costs and wastewater removal fees if required.

We have a quoting process that saves you time, money and effort in coordinating contractors to meet you on site.

Roof Cleaning prices start at $1.70 per square meter for colorbond, metal and cement tile roofs.

Terracotta roofing starts from $4.00 per square meter plus GST.

We offer an anti-mould spray for a small additional fee; this keeps the mould and mildew at bay for longer and protects your roof.

Roof Cleaning does not include gutter cleaning. If you would like both services please specify so your quote can be structured to your personal requirements.

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Preparing for a Roof Clean

For customers that have water tanks fed from the roof guttering system, please disconnect or divert the downpipe(s) prior to our arrival to avoid tainted water entering the tank. If you are unable to do this please advise us so we can assist where possible.

Please remove any items in the immediate areas that may be affected by dirty water fallout from roof; for example: furniture, toys, washing on clothesline.

If you are aware that your roof sometimes leaks, or concerned your roof may leak, please inform us when booking.

Please inform us of the following when booking your roof clean

  • Any peeling paint
  • Any water tanks connected to the guttering system
  • Does the water runoff flow to kerb or stormwater
  • The age of your paint and roof
  • Any known or suspected leakage

We take great pride in our work. We know your house is your castle and we are proud to offer you the very best level of service available. We cannot be responsible for water damage to your property because of leaks in your roof due to poor roof condition.

Upon booking with us, we will email you a more detailed preparation checklist.​

View the videos below and prepare to be amazed at the difference our Roof Cleaning Service can make.

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Roof Cleaning Photo Gallery

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