Interior Disinfectant Fogging Treatment for Your Brisbane Home

Interior Disinfectant Fogging Treatment for Your Home for COVID-19

Protect your family with our COVID-19 Interior Disinfectant Fogging Treatment.

It takes just half an hour or so, is safe for humans, animals, the environment and furnishings and leaves lingering* protection on all surfaces.

Your home is your safe place

Of all places in the world, your home is where you should feel the safest. With family members coming and going for work, to appointments, school, uni or grocery shopping, you can’t be sure your home is completely devoid of COVID-19.

Our COVID-19 Interior Disinfectant Fogging Treatment disperses ultra-fine droplets of a hospital-grade solution into the air. It penetrates even the smallest nooks and crannies yet causes no damage and no risk to health.

Interior Disinfectant Fogging Treatment for Your Home for COVID-19 1

How safe and effective is the treatment?

Our COVID-19 Interior Disinfectant Fogging treatment is safe for humans, animals, plants and the environment and will not cause any adverse effects on equipment or surfaces. We use a total spectrum, non-rinse disinfectant that is ecologically sound and biodegradable and has a variety of approvals and registrations across the globe.

The solution we use in our COVID-19 Interior Disinfectant Fogging treatment has been tested, independently verified and approved around the world. It kills all types of pathogen (bactericidal, virucidal, fungicidal and sporicidal) and is effective against COVID-19 and various influenza viruses.

It works rapidly at between 30 to 60 seconds depending on the bacteria and remains active for long periods of time.

It’s also:

  • Non-corrosive
  • Non-toxic
  • Non-irritating
  • Aldehyde-free
  • Non-tainting
Interior Disinfectant Fogging Treatment for Your Home for COVID-19 2

How is the treatment done?

We use a commercial grade ‘fogging’ machine. Think of it like a smoke machine that’s used on stage and at weddings for effect.

The ‘fog’ is created when the disinfectant and water are blasted into ultra-fine droplets through the fogging machine. The disinfectant is highly diluted and dispersed at levels that can only kill tiny particles such as viruses and bacteria.

As such, there are no adverse health effects on people exposed to the fog. That said, even at high concentrations – which is not the way we use it – the disinfectant is still not harmful to humans, animals or the environment.

Do we have to leave the house?

Yes, we do require that the family leaves the house as it simplifies the process for us. It’s also important that social distancing be adhered to.

You could take lunch out to the backyard, go for a walk, do your grocery shopping or go to an appointment.

We’re obviously not suggesting that you go against any government directives. Depending on the size of your home, we could be in and out in as little as half an hour or as long as an hour.

Interior Disinfectant Fogging Treatment for Your Home for COVID-19 3

Are your technicians taking precautions?

Of course, it’s the law! We don’t want to get sick any more than you do, and we also don’t want to put our technicians to work where there is any risk to them or our customers.

  • Our technicians will wear masks and gloves.
  • They will keep a distance of at least a metre and a half away from residents.
  • If a technician is unwell, they will not attend the site.

Similarly, we ask that if anyone in your home is in isolation or unwell, you let us know. The treatment will still go ahead but we would greatly appreciate this courtesy.

No person-to-person contact necessary

We fully understand your desire to keep this to a minimum.

  • Quoting: We can quote via email. We use Nearmap to view more up-to-date aerial images of your property and from that, we can measure the required area and email you your quote.
  • Questions: We are here to help you with your external cleaning. You can contact us via email or call us and we can answer your questions.
  • Bookings: We can email you your booking confirmation which includes our pre-arrival checklist, explaining everything that you need to know before we arrive.  If you have areas of concern, or information you want relayed to the technician, this can be added to your job sheet.
  • No need to greet us: Simply leave the front door unlocked and you can be nearby (in your yard, on your driveway, etc.) We will get to work and be finished and gone before you know it. We simply ask that you keep your doors and windows closed.
  • Payment: We have contactless payment. You can pay via credit card over the phone or by direct deposit, and we can email you your receipt.

Use a Trusted Company

We invite you to read our reviews, as proof that we are trusted and credible.

Please understand that in these times, we do require advance payment.

*Please note that whilst we have enormous faith in the integrity of our hospital-grade cleaning and sanitising products, we are unable to make any guarantees about the efficacy or timeframe of the coating that remains behind. Contact with COVID-19 infection could occur at any time if the property is in use. Sanitising the exterior and interior of your property provides a level of protection that will provide greater peace of mind.

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