House Washing Queensland, Brisbane power washing & pressure cleaning

Pricing Guide

Please Note: Prices are based on the measurements of your home.

The larger your home is the greater the cost due to increased surface area or perimeter.

Please also note that different styles of home incur different charges. This is due to the varying complexity in the work from one style to another.

For example, Queenslanders and Post War homes generally have more elements such as large decks and balconies. Due to this, the cleaning takes a lot longer to ensure a professional quality finish. As a result, more time, more effort, more materials = more cost. Average three bed home requires 250 litres of water to wash.

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Starting House Washing Prices below are offered as a basic indication only!

We use satellite mapping technology to measure your individual property and calculate the surface area.
As long as we have a clear vision of the perimeter and are able to calculate the surface area we will deliver a firm quote via email.

Most of the time there is no need to wait and co-ordinate with someone for an onsite Quotation!

Your external home cleaning quote will vary depending on the surface area to be cleaned.

House Washing Pricing Guide

The prices below include:

  • Washing of external gutters, seifeits, eaves, walls, basic window clean, screens, beams, lattice, railings, ceilings and balcony walls.
  • Garage doors are also included if fixed to house.
  • Free mould & spider treatment with every house wash.
  • Wood / cladded / champher board / hardi plank classed as the same surface.
  • Prices are for spray, brush and rinse only - air dry

House Type

2 Bedroom

3 Bedroom

4 Bedroom

5 Bedroom

Lowset Brick House

From $120

From $140

From $200

Highset Brick House

From $140

From $160

From $200

Lowset Post War Home - Wood

From $140

From $160

From $180

Highset Post War Home - Wood

From $160

From $180

From $200

From $260

Lowset Rendered House

From $190

From $220

From $280

Highset Rendered House

From $240

From $300

From $360


From $180

From $200

From $300

From $370

High Pressure Cleaning Pricing Guide

High Pressure Cleaning of Cement is from $1.50 per square metre plus GST.

A deep pore clean and anti mould spray is available for a small additional fee, which keeps the cement cleaner for longer.

The minimum price for pressure cleaning is $120 plus GST for any work done. (This is the equivalent of a 6 x 10 metre area or a driveway where you can fit 4 standard sized cars.) This is to cover traveling costs and the call out.

Price may also be affected by difficulty or time needed to do the job. For example lots of small bits and pieces spread out over a large area.

Gutter Cleaning Pricing Guide

Gutter Vacuuming rates are largely based on the perimeter of your house. Larger houses will be charged extra due to additional lineal meters of guttering. Request a quotation and we will respond within 1 business day with an accurate quotation.

If your house has gutter guards or leaf protection on it please tell us before we are onsite, as removal of the guards before cleaning incurs additional time and costs.

Regular Gutter Cleaning Also Available on Request.

Roof Cleaning Pricing Guide

Prices start at $1.70 per metre square plus GST for metal and concrete tile roofing.

Terracotta roofing starts from $4.00 per metre square plus GST.

Australian Height Safety Regulations

NOTE: Workplace health and safety regulations require safety measurements to be put in place for all work above 2m in height. A roof surface above 2m or a steep pitch may require us to have a safety harness in place to adhere to workplace health and safety and to keep our technicians safe whilst on site. Work method statements provided upon request. $150 Harness setup fee* may apply.

All work is covered by our $10 million public liability insurance including workcover.

Work method statements provided upon request.

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