External Preparation and Terms - House Washing

External Preparation and Terms

Please read the below Preparation Instructions carefully and completely.

Please make sure the areas being cleaned are free from items that won't like being wet or could possibly be affected by the cleaning materials. ie. Couches, TVs, Radios, Pillows, Clothing, Books, Paintings etc. If you are unsure cover it or remove it before the arrival date.

Make sure any external electrical outlets and fuse boxes are weather proof. If you have a fuse box in a location not easily viewable. ie. under balconies or decks, please ensure these are properly sealed and notify us of their location prior to cleaning.

Plain, stained, varnished, oiled furniture or timber can bleed colour even with clean water. We cannot insure that these items will not bleed colour, as this is determined by the quality of the coating and wood product used.

Fish ponds in the cleaning areas must be covered or moved and sealed before cleaning starts and let us know of there presence.

We are coming to clean the outside of your House. Anything apart from this that you don't want cleaned, make sure it is put away, waterproofed, or properly covered.

The final item to check prior to the clean is to ensure your windows are closed and inform us if you know they leak. To ensure items within your home are free from possible discolouring, please move couches, furniture, clothing, curtains and blinds away from around the window frames if the windows have a tendency to leak.

Although we do not use high pressure cleaning on the house it is still possible for a dribble of water to get inside the home through window frame leakage as we have to rinse windows off after. All care is taken to prevent this from happening. We suggest you use old towels if you are concerned with any possible leakage.

Payment is required on completion of job - please make sure you are contactable on the day of work as we will be calling for payment.

We cannot be held liable for damages to items that are not weather proof or have incorrect exterior coatings. This also includes power loss.

Please be aware that pressure cleaning even on cement or any surface can be abrasive it will be done at the owner's risk.

We can't be held responsible for cracked chipped or weakened surfaces being made worse by pressure cleaning. The process of pressure cleaning surfaces is harsh and can expose weak surfaces​.

Roof cleaning - If renovating clean the roof first as there is always an element of risk for leakage due to possible cracked tiles etc underneath the grime we cannot be certain that your roof will not leak as this comes down to your general roof condition. All roof cleaning is done at the owners risk.

If you require a change of date or to cancel the service please ensure at least 24 hours notice is given. If we arrive at the job and it is cancelled there will be a $120 cancellation fee.

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