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"We take care of your work space so you can take care of your work."

House Washing Australia are the experts in the Commercial and Industrial building cleaning market.

We have the equipment and experience to take on any commercial job – big or small. Our services accommodate large range of properties, from unit blocks, shopping centres, office complexes, industrial warehouses and transfer stations, just to name a few.

Protect your business, and your image while prolonging the life of your premises.

The Benefits of External Cleaning

Promote and protect your corporate image:

Portray a clean image. Increase the value and curb appeal of your property overnight. External cleaning is the most cost effective way to gain an improvement of your property’s appearance.

Make a statement that rises above your competitors:

The appearance of your building has a big impact on your business. Customers have more confidence in businesses that look aesthetically pleasing.

Adhere to bylaws and workplace health and safety:

Safety is paramount and slip hazards can cause damage not only to your business, but to your employees, customers and other occupants. Regular maintenance can prevent unnecessary down time and serious threats to the welfare of your staff and customers. House Washing Australia can look at your risk factors and see where your potential underlying problems are, we can turn your property from unsafe to safe in as little as a few hours.

House Washing Australia maintains a safe and healthy work environment, including safe work method statements, site safety inductions, safety gear and well maintained machinery and equipment. We are fully insured, we provide a guaranteed, high quality, personalised service that meets health and safety guidelines and quality standards.

We offer tailored services to suit your tenants, your building, your budget and your needs, from one-off emergencies through to routine maintenance.

Paint companies are now starting to endorse our cleaning services, as it preserves the life of your paint.

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External Building Cleaning

Mould, grime and pollution build up on the exterior of your building, not only making it look dirty, but it also shortens the life of your paint and can affect the health of your staff and customers.

Our cleaning solution is a blend of plant derived detergents and diluted bleach, it is designed not only to clean but to deter future mildew growth. The solution breaks down carbon based materials that build up over time, on and around your property making it damp, dirty and mouldy.

Hard Surface Pressure Cleaning

Dirt, mould, mildew and general grime build up can create unnecessary down time and unfortunate slips and falls. With regular maintenance from House Washing Australia these can be prevented, saving you unnecessary down time and serious threats to the welfare of all involved.

We will not only remove built up grime and mould on your external hard surfaces; we will remove oil and tannin stains from your driveway or carparks caused by machinery. Leaving your property slip and hazard free. High pressure cleaning available in hot or cold water, depending on your surface requirements.

What surfaces can be pressure cleaned?

We can pressure clean:

  • Driveways
  • Paths
  • Pontoons
  • Bricks and Pavers
  • Pebble Crete
  • Stencil Crete
  • Sandstone
  • Retaining Walls
  • Pool Areas
  • Exposed Aggregate
  • Fencing
  • Pergola and Patio Areas

It’s truly amazing the difference pressure cleaning can make to the appearance of your property.

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Roof Cleaning

Regular upkeep on your roof will not only prolong the life of the paint, but may reveal any issues which may be presenting themselves. If you don’t take care of your roof, it can lead to an expensive restoration job or repair bill. House Washing Australia can save you not only money but the stress of dealing with a damaged roof.

House Washing Australia specialise in high pressure roof cleaning and chemical roof cleaning. We can restore your roofs colour and prolong the life of your paint.

Please note that a roof clean does not include a gutter clean – this is an additional service.

Roof Mould, Mildew and Lichen Can Damage Paint

In its early stages, roof mould is completely invisible to the naked eye. It’s not until the more advanced stages that it actually turns black and becomes visible. So if you can see mould on even one section of your roof that means that it’s probably already taking hold on your entire roof.

Mould and mildew starts to grow on your roof because of dirt build up and the humidity, it can look like dark streaks running down your roof.

The patches on your roof where lichen is growing can hold onto moisture longer, this can reduce the life of your paint. Lichen can be light green or white in colour, it grows in flower like clusters over your roof.

What mould, mildew and lichen have in common is that they look ugly and they damage your paint. We can pressure clean your roof, remove the unsightly growths and have your home looking beautiful in just a few hours​

Chemical Roof Cleaning

This process involves applying a cleaning agent to the roof, giving it time to react with the build up of mould and lichen on the roof. Once this is done the agent is washed off with water, leaving a clean finish. *Conditions apply.

The Benefits of Cleaning Your Businesses Roof

  • Extend the life of your paint and protect your biggest asset
  • More cost effective than a roof restoration
  • Remove unsightly build up caused by grime and pollution
  • Prevent damaging mould and algae build up
  • A pre-sale roof clean will help sell your property faster
  • Add value to your business
  • A pre-paint roof clean will remove the impurities on your roof and increase the longevity of your new paint

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Do You Have an AGM coming up?

House Washing Australia can help you with your AGM. We can help you protect your residents by removing any potential problem areas and turning your property from unsafe to safe overnight.

Let us help you by submitting a competitive quote to put forward to your owners and the Body Corporate Committee. We will take the fuss out of it for you and make life easier for you, freeing you up to concentrate on other stresses that the Annual General Meeting throw at you.​

  • Beautify Common Areas
  • Share the load between Owner Occupier and Body Corporate Tenants
  • Comply with Health and Safety requirements

Upon booking with us, we will send you our “External Cleaning Preparation” information, which explains everything you need to know to protect your property before our arrival.

We can send you an annual “It’s time for your external cleaning” reminder, so you don’t need to worry. It’s as easy as “yes please” or “opt out”

Photo Gallery of Commercial Roof Cleaning

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