External Home Cleaning Services - House Washing

External Home Cleaning Services

House Washing Brisbane

Our environmentally friendly, highly efficient, services perform in any situation, from residential to heavy-duty industrial or commercial buildings.

We use biodegradable cleaners designed not only to clean, but to deter future mildew growth. Our cleaners are perfectly safe for humans, plants and pets. We offer an anti-mould spray for a small additional fee with all work performed, which lasts for up to 12 months. Our cleaning solution sanitises all surfaces, which is essential for hygiene and beneficial to asthmatics.

Your satisfaction is guaranteed. Read what some of our happy customers have to say about their experience with us.

High Pressure Cleaning

Make your pavers, brick, sandstone, concrete and tiled areas shine. Refresh your pool area, pergola, fence, caravan, boat or swimming pool. Renew your patio, deck and awnings.

Chemical Wash

Rejuvenate paint by driving out mould spores and exposing the true paint colour up to three shades brighter. Low or high pressure clean for building exteriors.

Roof Restoration

Total roof restoration including rebedding, repointing, repainting Gutters cleaned and Roofs look like new with our high pressure cleaning service.

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