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We don't use high pressure on paint work and walls as it is too harsh!

House Washing Australia believes the use of high pressure cleaners on the walls and paint work of your home can result in more harm than good. This is why we only use high pressure cleaners on roofs, cement and other hard surfaces around your home.

The house washing itself is down to good old fashioned hard work, using cleaning solutions and a soft broom to deliver a thorough, but gentle clean to the walls and paintwork of your home.

Our cleaning solution is a blend of plant derived detergents and diluted bleach; it is designed not only to clean but to deter future mildew growth. The solution breaks down carbon based materials that build up over time, on and around your property making it damp, dirty and mouldy.

The benefits of a House Wash

  • Cleaning your house regularly will extend the life of your paintwork
  • Wash away general grime and mould build up
  • A pre-sale clean can increase the value of your home overnight
  • Helps to sell your property faster
  • Improves your curb appeal
  • Helps keep your asthma at bay by reducing allergy flare ups from mould
  • Make your house, the best looking house in the street

Paint companies are now starting to endorse our cleaning services, as it preserves the life of your paint.

We offer a FREE Mould and Spider Treatment with all external house washing, which lasts for up to twelve months. Our cleaning solution sanitises all surfaces and kills microscopic mould spores, which is essential for hygiene and beneficial to asthmatics.

Whether it’s a pre-sale clean, general upkeep or that special occasion, House Washing Australia are your Brisbane House Washing Specialists!

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Upon booking with us, we will send you our “House Washing Preparation” information, which explains everything you need to know to protect your property before our arrival.

We can send you an annual “it’s time for your external cleaning” reminder, so you don’t need to worry. It’s as easy as “yes please” or “opt out”​

Our External House Washing Process

Step 1:

The cleaning solution is sprayed onto all surfaces, from the external of the gutters down to the ground of your house, where it begins to emulsify the build-up of grime, killing mould, mildew and soften cobwebs, making them easier to remove.​

This includes:

  • External Gutters
  • Soffits
  • Eaves
  • Windows (basic clean and left to air dry) – Spray, Brush and rinse
  • Underside of your pergola roof (the ceiling) if attached to the house
  • Screens (these are not removed from the windows)
  • Walls
  • Railings / Balustrading
  • Balconies
  • Poles
  • Small Window Awnings
Step 2:

Where necessary, surfaces are scrubbed with soft brushes to remove any stubborn stains or spots. Windows and screens are also scrubbed.

Step 3:

Surfaces are then rinsed off, removing any excess dirt, grime, wasp nests and animal droppings. Once your house wash is complete you will be the envy of all your neighbours.

Please note: There may be some minor irremovable marks and stains.

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Frequently Asked House Washing Questions

What areas do you service?

Will my household items get wet during the house washing?

How often does my house need washing?

What if I have Allergies?

Why don’t you just water blast the property instead of using the cleaning solution?

Why do you recommend a pre-paint clean prior to repainting the house?

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House Washing Pricing Guide

The prices below include:

  • Washing of external gutters, soffits, eaves, walls, basic window cleaning, screens, beams, lattice, railings, ceilings, balustrading, balcony walls, the underside of the pergola roof and the underside of window hoods
  • Garage doors are also included if fixed to the house
  • Free mould and Spider Treatment with every house wash
  • Wooden, Cladded, Champher Board or Hardi Plank are classed as the same surface
  • Prices are for spray, brush and rinse only – air dry

We understand life is busy, and your time is important. With our quoting system you can have your quote the same business day as your enquiry, no fuss and no time wasted.

We use current satellite mapping technology to measure your individual property; we calculate the surface area and deliver to you, via email, a firm quote specifically tailored to your requirements and needs.​

Starting prices below are offered as a basic indication only!

Your external house washing quote will vary depending on the surface area measured, and the complexity of the clean.​

House Type

2 Bedroom

3 Bedroom

4 Bedroom

5 Bedroom

Lowset Brick House

From $120

From $140

From $200

Highset Brick House

From $140

From $160

From $200

Lowset Post War Home - Wood

From $140

From $160

From $180

Highset Post War Home - Wood

From $160

From $180

From $200

From $260

Lowset Rendered House

From $190

From $220

From $280

Highset Rendered House

From $240

From $300

From $360


From $180

From $200

From $300

From $370

Please Note:

It is important to understand that each house is different, which is why we measure the perimeter of your property to ensure we have incorporated everything you need for your individual property.

If your house is architecturally designed, multi-level or above average size or height, additional charges will apply and a site visit to quote may be required.

The average perimeter house measurement is around 55 lineal meters.

The average three bedroom home requires 250 litres of water to wash.​

Preparing For Your House Wash

No-one needs to be home when the cleaning is taking place, as long as there is full perimeter access and the preparation is done.

However, it is strongly advised that if you know your property has leaks or potentially could leak, that you are present on the day to communicate with the technician.

  • Make sure the areas being cleaned are free from items that don’t like being wet or could possibly be affected by the cleaning materials. i.e. couches, televisions, radios, pillows, clothing, books, paintings etc.
  • Ensure your windows and doors are closed and INFORM US IF YOU KNOW THEY LEAK.
  • Remove all washing from the clothesline prior our arrival.
  • If you have a fuse box or any power points in a location not easily viewable i.e. under balconies or decks, please ensure these are properly sealed and notify us of their location. We cannot be held liable for power loss.
  • The work area will be wet and dripping - Please stay inside once work commences or vacate prior to it starting as you may be dripped on causing discolouring of clothing – Please speak with technician before process begins.
  • We recommend advising your neighbours of our visit.

Please inform us of the following:

Any known or suspected leaks

The age of your paint

We take great pride in our work and we know your house is your castle and we are proud to offer you the very best level of service available. We cannot be responsible for water or bleach damage to any items you have left uncovered outside your home or that are damaged because your windows /doors are not closed properly or do not seal properly. This also includes power loss.

Upon booking with us, we will email you a more detailed preparation checklist.

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See some of the results we have delivered to other Brisbane home owners

House Washing Brisbane Reviews

Still not sure - Read some testimonials from happy customers and know that we will look after you too so give us a shot.

Amazing! After a chemical wash and high pressure clean, the roof of my commercial property looked like new. Good rates – good service. Garry went out of his way to make sure we were happy. We'll have him back.

Gary, Production Manager
Dymark Paints

This is the third time we have used HWA and again were very happy with the results. It's amazing the difference a clean can make and all my dealings with HWA have been courteous & easy and the technicians are punctual, friendly and we would definitely recommend.

Helen Crowther

The recent high pressure cleaning that HWA did on our garden pavers and garden walls was a great job and could not have been done with more care. As our pavers are Himalayan sandstone, I get worried with the cleaning because they can chip easily but there was not a single chip out of them after this clean and they came up beautifully to top it off. Thanks guys for your attention, timeliness and professionalism.

Susan Fuge

I would highly recommend this company for a house clean. Our house looks like it's brand new. The price was reasonable and service outstanding. The communication was great and they ensured nothing was damaged around the house including the plants. Will definitely be a returning customer.


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